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With 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store and 2.8 million in Google Play, your app faces increasing competition. What’s more, one in four apps are never even used. So how do you make your app stand out and prevent it from being ignored, abandoned and unsuccessful? This post looks at what makes an app successful so that you can make sure your app stands out and is a booming success.

Provide Value

Primarily, your app needs to provide value. Every successful product provides value. Why should people download your app? What is its USP? Why will people use this app and keep using it? You need to decipher this before you even begin building your app and keep it in mind throughout the design and build.

In providing value, your app should be useful and satisfy the needs of your audience. To do this, determine who your audience is and which problems they face. Your app will solve this problem for them. How will your audience benefit from downloading your app? How will it make their lives better?

Focus on solving one problem really well, rather than trying to solve many problems unsuccessfully. Identify the gap in the market for your app and create something that’s never been done before. Why will your app stand out?


Create an Intuitive User Experience

Once you’ve determined how you can provide value, execute your idea by designing a quality product that provides intuitive user experience. Your app should be easy to use and navigate so that users can figure out how to use it in seconds without guidance.

Keep it simple and steer clear of any unnecessary extra features. The easier your app is to use, the more users will keep using it and coming back to it. Gain feedback on usability so that you can keep developing and make it as simple as possible.

Another key part of user experience is speed and reliability. Ensure your app loads quickly or users will get bored and turn away before they even get to using it or see the value it can provide. Make sure it is free of bugs and crashes and works across all devices so that nothing prevents users from gaining the benefits from your app.

Market Your App

You’ve created an amazing app, but to make sure your app has the best chance for success, you need to market it and promote it. Have a clear audience to market to and spread the word about your app. It is also recommended to start marketing in advance of your app’s completion to build buzz and gauge reaction.

There are myriad of ways to market your app. From contacting influencers, submitting it to review sites, advertising, and creating a demo video to optimizing for the app store, utilizing PR opportunities, promoting on social media, getting a website, and using SEO, identify the best ways to connect with your audience and encourage ongoing engagement.

Define what marketing success looks like by identifying your marketing KPIs and goals. This can be used to refine your strategy so that you can determine what works best to optimize your app’s marketing.

Keep Improving

Once your app has been marketed and is out in the world, you need to keep refining and improving it to ensure maximum success. Evaluate how your app is used and determine what is working and what isn’t to keep improving and provide the best app possible.

The first version of your app should be its minimal viable product (MVP), with the main essential features needed to provide the necessary value to your users. This MVP will allow you to test your app on a real audience to assess user’s reactions and gain feedback on your app.

Using this feedback, you can develop and enhance your app and release an improved second version with any extra features that users need. Keep gaining feedback to constantly update your app with useful, relevant and valuable new features.

To make your app stand out and prevent it from being ignored, abandoned and unsuccessful, take these 4 tips into consideration. Provide value for your users and solve their problems, provide an intuitive user experience so that users keep using it, market your app so that it is found by users, and keep improving and developing your app by gaining valuable feedback to make sure it is a success.

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