How to Find Hidden Spyware App on Your Android Phone

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In the advent of advanced technology, there are thousands of spy apps on the loose and the most obvious destination is your phone or tablet. Here are some quick tips to help you determine if you are being spied.

Sudden Battery Drain

If you notice that your phone battery life suddenly starts draining out of the blues, this could be an indication that there is an installed spyware. Majority of the spy apps work in the background and thus they tend to use a lot of resources that require a lot of power.

Random Apps Appearing

Apps that keep popping up annoyingly every now and then could be as a result of a malicious tracking software on your phone. Although some of these could be bloatware added by your phone carrier so it is important to ascertain the origin of such apps.

Strange and Unexpected Messages

Be on the lookout for rampant weird messages that you were not expecting or have not subscribed to them. Take extra caution if these messages come with random numbers and letters that do not make any sense to you.

Websites Acting Strange

You have probably come across websites with some ad displays. However, if the ads are too many and competing for your attention, it could be your phone that is being controlled by a spy app. You should vet the website that requires you to enter personal information as it could be a fake website in the place of the real one that wants to capture your personal information.

High Data Consumption Rate

A spy app tends to work well when connected to the internet. Since it is constantly running in the background, a lot of data will be required. If you realize an alarming usage of your data pool, it could be time to raise the alarm.

An Irritatingly Slow Phone

It is normal for a phone to be slow especially when prompted with sudden commands. However, a phone with an installed spyware will be irritatingly slow. Sometimes, you might be forced to reboot for it to start functioning normally again. That is an indication that the phone is being remotely controlled.

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